Always connected

Sitting in the Coffee Zone, slurping some Rocket Fuel, connected to the world. The way it was meant to be. In all fairness, I rarely lugged my Thinkpad around. Just too heavy. Not IBM’s (at the time) fault. I bought one of the heaviest models they offered. No idea why. But on the few occasions I took the thing on the road and attempted to connect wirelessly, it was usually something of a chore. Again, probably not the fault of Microsoft or IBM. I just never took the time to learn how to make it all work. It was too much trouble.

This morning I fired up the new Mac…it saw the open hotspots…I picked one…and here we are. All things in life should be so easy. Why wouldn’t a boy just keep his laptop with him all the time? Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Always connected

  1. A boy DOES keep his laptop with him all the time! My slightly-less advanced Mac PowerBook G4 is with me in my fashionable man-purse pretty much wherever I go.

  2. “All things in life should be so easy.” sounds like a Mac ad. Anyway, congrats on your new toy. Tell us more about your experience! I am still dreaming about the switch…

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