Older readers will remember the “Point/Counterpoint” segment on 60 Minutes. The liberal Shana Alexander would sqauare off against the conservative James J. Kilpatrick (they tried it again in 2003 with Clinton and Dole but it sucked).

My pals Darin, John and Scott are talking about doing a podcast based (loosely) on this idea. Darin is somewhere out in William F. Buckley land and John sort of neo-sixties liberal. I think Scott will serve as moderator. I’m trying to be supportive but… I don’t know. We’ve heard so much polticial talk in recent years, it feels like it’s all been said. Which suggests a different approach.

The lads make a list of the 25 most important issues facing the country. They each go into a studio and record 2 minute rants on each topic and plug the audio files into an online database (at “JaneYouIgnorantSlut.com”).

Visitors select a news story from one of the top five of the day (“George Bush visits Afghanistan and Pakistan”)…click a button…the website generates ten questions and randomly selects 10 rants from each pundit…and strings it altogether. Instant podcast!

The guys won’t have to sweat over a hot microphone every week and no one will ever know.

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  1. Seems like your friends’ concept is pretty similar to “Left, Right and Center” – an NPR show from KCRW which is podcast every Friday.

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