How was your day, honey?

For sometime now, I’ve been embarrassed that our news network websites were not RSS enabled. Very lame. Big Andy worked a little magic so we could add this essential feature. If you’re interested in news about Missouri, Iowa or Wisconsin…you can now subscribe to our news and/or sports feeds. A necessary step to get some podcasts going, too.

I spent a good chunk of the past week trying to convince some of the Grownups at our company that a well executed blog might be a better way to communicate with employees than an eight-page memo that comes out three times a year (as an email attachment). Take some rusy pliars…get a good grip on one of my molars…twist slowly back and forth until the tooth comes free. But god bless ’em, they paid me for every minute I worked. Whoo wah!

Nice lunch with Chuck who is doing nothing less than redefining the agriculture marketing space. His company is two years old and is doing everything right (IMHO). Chuck’s a Viet Cong sapper running quietly through the jungle in a pair of rubber shower thongs…while big media and marketing companies are sipping mai tai’s in a Saigon bar.

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