Seven in 10 watching TV news?

That’s one of the findings in a new Harris Poll of about 3,000 U.S. adults.

While broadcast television news appears to be the most popular medium sought, many adults also get their news several times a week or daily by going online to get news (64%), reading a local daily newspaper (63%), listening to radio news broadcasts (54%), listening to talk radio stations (37%), listening to satellite news programming (19%), and reading a national newspaper (18%).

I live in closed little online world so I have no basis for doubting these numbers. But 63% of adults read the daily newspaper? Take a look at these numbers and tell me if they seem accurate based on your first-hand experience.

Update: Table on Media Usage from Radio Business Report. The most disturbing stat? Radio news tied with online in the 59+ group. Shudder.

Media Usage

2 thoughts on “Seven in 10 watching TV news?

  1. I’m appalled at the number of people who are consumers of talk radio. It’s like getting your news and opinions from the Old Guys Who Spend All Day Arguing Down At The Tavern. A lot like it. Just remember: Talk Radio’s just another programming alternative to keep the sides of AM radio from slamming shut on nothingness, so think of it not just as a source of toxic spin far removed from actual facts, but as the product that radio programmers chose to run because it was cheaper than disco music.

  2. I still read the daily newspaper, sometimes two (Newstribune can’t hold a candle to the Columbia Tribune. Best paper in the nation)
    I like holding it in my hands, the depth of the stories, a variety of editorials, all in one compact package. Call me old fashioned…

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