Oprah & Friends on XM

Oprah Winfrey has signed a three-year, $55 million deal for her own channel on XM Satellite Radio. “Oprah & Friends,” as the channel will be known, is aimed at closing satellite radio’s gender gap. Men account for about two-thirds of the 9.3 million satellite subscriptions nationwide, but XM and its rival, Sirius Satellite Radio of New York, expect to attract more women as they purchase cars equipped with satellite radios.

Somehow, I just think the XM guys understand this satellite radio thing better than the other guys. This sounds like a really good idea to me.

One thought on “Oprah & Friends on XM

  1. That’s just because you’re an XM subscriber. I have Sirius, and thus, think they get it just a little better.
    Besides, my wife likes Oprah, but she’s addicted to Howard as well.

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