Love Monkey too clever by half

CBS has cancelled Love Monkey after just three episodes. CBS plans to fill the slot with The Amazing Race. That’s network TV in 25 words or less. Is it possible to get just the Comedy Channel and HBO? I believe I will live to see that day, but it won’t be satellite/cable. I’ll buy the content direct from the producers, online. TV will become (has become?) the medium for reaching the unwashed masses. People who can afford to buy it will get the best entertainment. Those that can’t won’t.

2 thoughts on “Love Monkey too clever by half

  1. Hmmm. Pretty well said, I think. But, just suppose for a moment, that the TiVos and iPods and HBO also falls under the heading of “shit we don’t need”?
    I’m all for us snapping out of our self-indunced consumerist trance and starting to engage with each other — I’m just not sure downloading more podcasts is the best way to do it. We’ll see, won’t we?
    Listen, the new media technology is great, but if we don’t start learning to think for ourselves, and teaching our kids to so the same, well I’m not sure about the future of our democratic experiment.
    Do something really revolutionary this weekend — read a book.

  2. Other appropriate phrases we might use here are “proletariat” or perhaps “bread and circuses”. To me, one of the main purposes for mass media (especially on a national scale) has been to convince the average person that they are insignificant and powerless. People who know their place exhibit predictable, marketable behaviors.
    It’s a monoculture; a continually inbreeding series of cultural institutions that is working its way towards unviability. The fact that CBS, et al. do it on purpose shows us that the pill they would have us swallow is only sweet on the outside. Inside is a cocktail of fear, greed, suspicion, and self-loathing.
    It’s an appropriate tribute to economic darwinism that the only way to partipate in our national culture without poisioning oneself thus is to spend money on technology like a TiVo or iPod to filter and timeshift, and pay to subscribe to feeds like HBO. Expose yourself to the wrong material, and fall into the trance that makes us work jobs we hate so we can afford to buy shit we don’t need. A trip down the slippery slope towards behavior that doesn’t threaten and lets the top 1% control 50% of the wealth. For everything else, there’s MasterCard.
    If there’s a future to American culture, it lies in the wreckage of these dinosaurs. The sooner they self destruct, the sooner we can start waking each other up and building a country that we aren’t ashamed of.

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