Don’t need no stinkin’ press release

I only go to one technology conference a year: Gnomedex. It’s small, as such events go. Just 300 attendees and sort of a tough ticket. I’ve been going since Chris Pirillo started holding them in Des Moines back in the late 90’s. I’ve gushed about it here so I won’t bore you with why I love this conference. This year Chris is doing something unheard of: No press release.

This year’s conference has sold one-third of its available seats since opening registration a mere week ago. Despite having not yet unveiled speakers or sponsors, the conference is well on its way to being sold out for the second year in a row.

If you’re planning on attending, let me know.

2 thoughts on “Don’t need no stinkin’ press release

  1. I’m a little slow. I finally figured out that Gnomedex put out a news release announcing that it was not doing a news release about Gnomedex 6.0. I was fooled because a) I’m a dunce or b)I believe Gnomedex would sell out WITHOUT a news release.

  2. Press release? Gnomedex don’t need no stinkin’ press release! I went last year and love this event. Nothing else like it. So much geekilicious fun. See you there, Steve.

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