All we need is an ending

I have this idea for a screenplay but I’m thinking it’s already been done. And, if not, I don’t have an ending.

Famous female rock star breaks off high-profile engagement to equally famous sports figure. This tough, smart, independent woman hears her biological clock ticking and decides to have a baby on her own  and worry about meeting Mr. Right later (or never). But she needs sperm donor. The normal procedure sounds cold and sterile so she decides to do it the old fashioned way and starts looking for the lucky guy. Several humorous, unsuccessful candidates later, she’s about to give up when fate brings her together with The Guy.

He’s a romantic who wants nothing to do with the scheme but gets tricked into the sack and the deed gets done. She tries to give him a bunch of go-away money but he doesn’t want it and just goes back to his anonymous life.

A few months pass and the media notices that Famous Female Rock Star is in a family way and goes searching for the father. Relentless Reporter tracks down The Guy.

So we’ve got Girl-Meets-Boy…Girl-Loses-Boy… but I’m stuck on how to get them back together.

And I’m thinking this movie has already been made but I can’t come up with the title. Sounds a little like Notting Hill. Any of you film buffs out there help me out on this? Have I seen this movie and just forgotten it?

I kind of see Kevin Connolly as The Guy. And maybe Sienna Miller as The Rock Star? Would help if she could sing but not critical.

I’m gonna keep working on this because I want a happy ending for the Famous Female Rock Star.

4 thoughts on “All we need is an ending

  1. This is difference between a good writer and a hack. I couldn’t come up with one ending and Kay has half a dozen. Everyone agrees the story has already been done, but nobody can come up with the movie.

  2. Mr. Right is screenwriter, wins Oscar that is handed to him by singer. Or he writes the winning Oscar song and she is at the last minute asked to sing it at Oscars because the original artist is in rehab and the lyrics are so sappy they reunite. Or Mr. Right is an architect who left his dad’s stuffy architectural firm to join a cooler one and without knowing it she hires his new firm to design her new house with appropriate room for baby. Or Mr. Right is a surgeon who specializes in kid something or other and the kid needs medical treatment for some movie-of-the-week malady and, well, I could keep going. Tell me when to stop.

  3. The Rest of the Story…
    The Guy that the famous Rock Star found was the perfect match in all ways but one. He had grown up in the the same small town, shared the same values, was charming, funny and cute. Although he was very fond of our Rock Star, he was married and very much in love with his wife. He regretted all that had transpired and was filled with guilt, remorse and a sad sense of moral responsibility. When he told his wonderful wife the whole story she came up with the perfect solution.
    For a number of reasons The Guy and his wife had never had children. Now that it was no longer a possibility, one last chance presented itself. The wife recommended that they, as a couple, share in the parenting of the child. In truth, the Rock Star recognized that her frenetic lifestyle did not lend itself to being a good and steady parent. She welcomed the help. Legal papers were drawn up showing a joint parenting arrangement. And here’s the icing on the cake. The Guy’s brother, an exceptionally kind and gentle man, became the greatest uncle in the world. But even more importantly, The Guy, who by the way thought he didn’t like kids, became the World’s Greatest Dad by anybody’s standards.
    The end.

  4. Yeah. Don’t we all want them back together, you go give that part of it your best I’d say. Because we all want a happy ending for that Rock Star.

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