Agribloggers wanted

Chuck Z. (AgWired) already has more business than he can take care of and he’s looking for bloggers and podcasters:

Passionate about agriculture. Willing to write one or more articles per day at least 5 days per week. Can be brief and yet offer significant information and ideas. Computer literate (knows how to make a hyperlink, Google’s to find out stuff, etc.). Already blogs would be nice. Can take a decent digital photo and edit it. Owns a digital camera and notebook computer.

I don’t care if you have a “day” job. I don’t care if you’re currently unemployed even. What I will care about is quality, self-initiative and dependability.

My first thought was anyone with this skill set has or can land a full-time gig. They don’t have to take digital piece work. But maybe you like your day job (with 401k and health benefits) but would like to indulge your “passion for agriculture” in your spare time…be part of a communications revolution…and pick up a few bucks to boot. Maybe you’re an FFA student working your way through college. Maybe you’re a radio news guy making $22k.

I have no doubt Chuck will find his bloggers and podcasters. And he won’t care if they work in their pajamas.

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