Wisconsin’s governor vs. American Idol

I got hooked on American Idol last year. Hooked like a crack whore. People who watch reality TV are pathetic losers. So a little pity, if you please. Tomorrow night is the season premiere but I’ll be at the office streaming Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle’s State of the State Address from one of our websites (God bless Tivo). I only mention this because of the exquisite juxtaposition of fun and boring.

One thought on “Wisconsin’s governor vs. American Idol

  1. I’ll be willing to grant you a little sympathy, Mays, but not too much. While I won’t attempt to argue that the state of the state address isn’t boring for anyone who’s not a news or politics junky, I find viewing American Idol for more then a few seconds at a time to be torture. Really. Cruel and unusual punishment. The wife and daughters are hooked on it so I’ll steer clear of your little analogy, if you don’t mind, but I swear while watching the thing I could actually FEEL myself getting DUMBER. I’m not going to riff on any sort of philosophy of how TV, maybe especially reality TV, is contributing to the general decline in the public discourse and blah, blah, blah, but maybe, just maybe, we’d be better served if at least a FEW more people were actually paying attention to the shenanigans in places like D.C., Madison and Jeff City. But, I’m probabley just experiencing the early onset of crusty codgerhood (or codgerdom). . .

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