The quick and the dead

“In the very near future, there are only going to be two types of media people: those who can reliably work and publish (or broadcast) incredibly fast, and those … who can’t.” — Simon Dumenco on (Spotted on too many blogs to credit.)

The point of Mr. Dumenco’s article seems to be that blogging ain’t no thang. Won’t argue that. But his final point (above) got me thinking about the talented men and women who work in our newsrooms. They can whack out a story pretty quickly. But many of them are still stuck in the old radio news cycle. Some stories for morning drive. Some more for midday. And still some more for afternoon drive. Do the Amish have newsrooms?

Why, I once asked, don’t we just post stories (for the public and our affiliates) as soon as we have them ready? While no one actually says the words, the mindset is clearly that it isn’t news until a reporter reports it. So it’s okay to ration out the news. If we give it all to them now, they’ll just gobble it whole and then we’ll have to go get some more for the next newscast.

Once upon a time –in a small market galaxy far, far away– I hoarded stories for days when I covered for our vacationing new guy. NRE’s (News Ready to Eat). Honestly, I understand. And it begs The Big Question of news organizations like ours: Are we in the “network” business…or the “news” business. I honestly don’t know the answer.

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