Talk amongst yourselves

Got a nice stroke from Mike Anderson at

“Steve Mays’ four-year-old blog continues to impress with remarkable thoughts.”

See? That’s what you’ve been getting here. Remarkable thoughts. Sort of like Deep Thoughts but without the music.

Randy tells me is where all the St. Louis radio guys get together and piss and moan. Wait. Randy did NOT say that. I don’t know where that came from. Sorry. I’ve just never been much on message boards because the post bar is usually set pretty low.

I wish Mike would lose the frames and just blog the STL media news/gossip. Much better format (comments, permalinks, et al). But since I spent about 10 minutes on the site I should probably STFU and say thank you for the kind words and the link. Thank you. Looks like he’s built quite an online community and that’s always a good trick.

One thought on “Talk amongst yourselves

  1. If we continue this back-and-forth people will start talking…
    The good news (actually the only news) isthat I’m working on a complete site redesign that will do away with the frames and ease the page loads a but.
    It’s only about three years overdue…

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