Warren KrechNow we’re talking. Long-time radio guy Warren Krech has started posting some interviews at I immediately spotted several that I’ll want to listen to. I assume these are interviews he did on local talker KLIK and the station has blessed this re-purposing of the interviews. Good move Mr. Manager. I don’t listen to radio at work so I’ve never heard these. Now I will. And it might prompt me to listen to KLIK to hear more. See what’s happening here?

I looked for, but didn’t see, the feed link. Warren is almost podcasting and will, I’m sure, get that final piece in place. I want to be able to subscribe so I won’t miss any interviews. Or whatever interesting, informative audio (or video?) he comes up with.

And by posting these to an RSS enabled blog, he can open up the comments so we listeners can get in on the conversation. If you lose your way, I’ve added Warren to the blog roll and slotted under Links.

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  1. Thanks Steve! The podcasts are complete now, although just one is up there today. I’m listed in Yahoo, and will soon get into i-tunes directory. I just downloaded my first radiowarren podcast onto my new Nano–what a rush! The website is a work in progress, and we’ll try to get it more organized as far as local and general interest subjects. Marcia and I are really having fun with this, and I recommend it to all old-schoolers like me.

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