Forbidden cocktails in a swank pad

Tiki Bar TVI think it’s great that the networks are making episodes of Lost and Desperate Housewives and The Daily Show available as (video) podcasts. But the really cool stuff is fresh, original, creative videos like we haven’t seen before. Like Tiki Bar TV, “Forbidden cocktails in a swank pad.” (Check out Episode 10A, Drinkbot Outttakes)

Four Eyed Monsters is a feature film and a video podcast. “We are still working on distribution for the feature film but for the video podcast we already have that figured out. That is the cool thing about the web, distribution is a non-issue.”

Exactly. There have always been talented, creative people out there making videos. But we couldn’t find them and they couldn’t find/reach us. No more. I watched a few episodes just sitting here in front of my box but I can see where it would be fun to load up a video iPod.

I am now completely in charge of my “radio” choices. I’ve got more of exactly what I like than I have time to listen to. That’s going to happen to my “TV” viewing as well. And every everything else. Sample some of the video podcasts at iTunes and email me your favorites.

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