Back from a couple of days with my brother Blane and his family in Tulsa. Might be our last visit until sometime in 2008 when they return from Indonesia to get Ryan set up in college. That’s a long time between visits but Indonesia is home for them and they’re ready to get back. And we had a great visit.

Ryan and I made a very short video (that I told him I wouldn’t post).

And we saw an amazing movie. End of the Spear is the story of Christian missionaries killed trying to meet an isolated band of Ecuadoran native people embroiled in a cycle of violence. If you want to understand why people give up so much –often at great personal risk– to be with and help strangers a world away…here’s your movie. Regular readers know I’m picky about my movies but this is a moving (and well-told) story. It’s everything you were supposed to learn in Sunday School. Take a hanky.

Being with my brother and his family has a calming and healing effect on me. I suspect that’s true for everybody around him.

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