When our favorite characters blog

Stephen Baker (Blogspotting) wonders about the future of blogs in fiction and movies:

I’m betting, in fact, that these fictional blogs will A) employ lots of under-employed screenwriters and B) spawn new stories that will lead to new movies and TV episodes. We’ve talked about the blog world as a laboratory for technology and news. I’m sure we’ll see how it can also work for entertainment.

The scary part of this is that character bloggers will not sit obediantly in the fiction corner. The blog world will be crawling with fictional sorts, and they’ll be participating in political discussions, flaming enemies, perhaps even linking to you and me.

This sounded kind of lame on first read but then I started thinking of fictional blogs I might enjoy reading: Al Swearengen or E. B. Farnum (HBO’s Deadwood); any of the Seinfeld characters; or Ari (the agent on Entourage).

You gotta figure the same brilliant writers that bring these characters to life on TV could do the same on a blog. Whose blog would you like to read?

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