Just be a ‘journalist’

“Nobody should “go into online news.” Or “TV news” or “newspaper news” or “radio news.” Just go into news. The great thing about the web is that it’s bringing all these sources together. The artificial-wall snobbery can go hang. We’re “journalists” and your platform of choice is meaningless; you’ll need to know ’em all. Specialize, absolutely. But make yourself indispensable.” – Lost Remote’s Steve Safran [via Buzz Machine]

One thought on “Just be a ‘journalist’

  1. I couldn’t agree with this statement more. I’ll even take it a step further and say “just be a marketer.” Anyone in the media sales industry will have to understand all media, new and old to be successful in the future. The days of radio reps vs tv reps vs newspaper reps are over. If you’re simply trying to sell space, you’ll never be successful as a marketer.

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