Drunker than me

That’s the title of a new country song by Kennett native, Trent Tomlinson. Viretta and Nancy were beating this drum back in September and sent us a pre-release CD. I sort of half-way listened to some of the songs but I’m not a country fan so I didn’t really give it a shot. I just watched one of the videos on Mr. Tomlinson’s website and loved it. The video and the music. Like I said, I don’t know shit about country music (possible song title?) but it sounds to me like the boy has some real mojo. I went to school with Trent’s daddy (and sat on the bench, watching his pop play basketball) so that might be a factor here. But if Trent’s career takes off the way Sheryl Crow’s did, we’ll need a bigger Welcome to Kennett sign.

‘Cause I keep worryin’ about who’s drivin’ home,
Who’s got the keys, who’s got the ‘phone.
Who’ll pay the bill, call a cab.
I don’t mean to make you mad,
But I don’t want that responsibility,
An’ I can’t be with a woman, baby, who gets drunker than me.

Here are the lyrics but be sure to watch the video. [Thanks, Nancy.]

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