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Clyde (the president/CEO of our company) popped in this morning with a page torn from the December 26, 2005 issue of Forbes. It was an article (“My Life As a Blogger”) by Rich Karlgaard, the publisher. Our CEO is not a blogger (yet) but he likes reading them and commenting.

Forbes did a cover story a couple of months ago, titled: “Attck of the Blogs” that was pretty much full of shit. So I was surprised at how clued-in Mr. Karlgaard is. He’s been blogging for a couple of months and concludes (full post):

  • Blogging is not overhyped.
  • Don’t judge blogging by the “average” blog.
  • The best bloggers write about what they know, and when the don’t know, they link to more knowledgeable sources.
  • Blogs really do threaten the mainstream media.
  • Good companies and honest businesspeople have little to fear from bloggers. Bad companies and shady dealers will get their heads handed to them in the blogosphere.

Forbes and Learfield don’t fully grok “the blogging thing” yet but they will, because they have really smart guys at the top. Which is, of course, how they got there.

Bonus link: Interesting post by Doc Searls on corporate blogging, branding, etc.

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