Candy as Metaphor in the Early 21st Century Workplace

JellybeansI was scanning some of the 600+ posts of the past year and found one early in January where I was whining about how the pace of my work was picking up. I included a reference to a classic I Love Lucy episode that was completely lost on anyone under the age of 50.

For better or worse, the pace of work has increased exponentially (something to do with geometry or math). My latest metaphor is a boy in a room, filled –to just below his nose– with jelly beans. A large pipe is pouring more beans in and the boy is eating as fast as he can to avoid drowning in candy. Please feel free to use the Comment link below to submit your own work metaphor.

2 thoughts on “Candy as Metaphor in the Early 21st Century Workplace

  1. Mays, I love the jelly bean shot. You’re looking more like a good ‘Republican’ every day!! Or did you just take one for the Gipper?!

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