Bob Dylan to host weekly show on XM

Bob Dylan has signed on to host a weekly show on XM Satellite Radio, the D.C.-based pay-radio provider. Dylan will select the music, offer commentary, interview guests and answer e-mail from listeners during the one-hour program, which will start in March. Now, just tell me this: Is there anybody that Bob Fucking Dylan can’t get to be on his show? I’m trying to understand why Bob Dylan would do this. It’s not the money. Maybe he’s bored and this sounds like fun.

These are strange and wonderful times. I don’t ever remember seeing anything as big or as disruptive as what we’re seeing now. Color TV was big. Cable TV didn’t seem big at first but it got to be big. I was at the NAB meeting in Chicago when the announced MTV. That was big for a while. But the flood gates (sorry, New Orleans) are open and things just aren’t gonna ever be the same again. I honestly don’t know what it means for me and all my radio buddies but I’m glad it’s finally here. The anticipation (and the need to prepare or do something) has been exhausting. I can’t say we haven’t had a chance to gear up for this sea change, because it’s been ten long years. I’m pooped. But I can finally shut the fuck up about the changes “blowin’ in the wind” because they are here.

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