BASF gets it

BASF nanoRemember when your insurance agent would send you a calendar for Christmas? The tech-savey marketing folks at BASF sent a few of our reporters 4 gig iPod nanos.

You spend the entire year listening to the needs of your audience. So for all of your attentive support, we would like to present a holiday gift that will enable you to hear our heartfelt appreciation. (Don’t worry – this gift doesn’t involve us caroling on your doorstep.) Since BASF is a leader in crop protection technology, we thought it would be appropriate to give you the latest advance in audio technology: the iPod nano.

It’s important to know that this gift extends beyound its small dimensions. You will have already received an email from us with a recorded holiday greeting. Now go to to hear the second part of our message, which you can listen to online or download to your new iPod.

This link also includes a few questions that will help us to listen to your needs. When you visit this link, you’ll receive an additional gift with our appreciation: a prepaid iTunes Music Card worth $15.


Note: if you are not currently registered for now is a great time to sign on – it only takes a minute.

Man. This just works on so many levels. Hang on girls, 2006 is going to be a wild ride.

One thought on “BASF gets it

  1. It does work and it will work. Of course if they start podcasting audio/video content that’s product or service related would farmers like to subscribe too? I wonder how many farmers have or would like to have an iPod?

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