Time capsule: June 3, 1984

1984 journalWhile cleaning up my home office I came across an old spiral notebook that’s been gathering dust for a long time. I flipped it open to take a look before tossing and discovered a journal I kept during much of 1984, my first year at Learfield. Seems I had the blogging bug way back then. I promise not to make you relive 1984, but I might share an entry from time to time.

June 3, 1984

Left Kennett at 7:45 a.m., arrived Jefferson City at 1:15 p.m. Beautiful day, beautiful drive. Coming over the hill just outside of town, saw the city in among the rolling hills. Beautiful.

Went to the office and visited with Jeff Smith. I’m doing my best to keep a good positive attitude, but I’m scared shitless. I honestly believe there’s no one they could have hired who would be any better at this job than me. Anyone would face the same problems I’ll face and I know that I can handle them. Every instinct tells me this is a genuine milestone in my life. The other path was a kind of defeatism. A ‘giving up’ and setteling for less. This is the time; this is the job; this…is…it.

I had forgotten how nervous I was those first few weeks. And my rah-rah, motivational tape approach to things. It seems a little silly now but I think all that stuff helped get me through a few tough spots. See you at the top!

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