I own a few domains that I’m not using. Squatting, if you will. I keep renewing in hopes that I’ll eventually get around to moving that site to it’s own space. I just registered An idea that occurred to me while swilling beer with Scott earlier this evening. We were talking about radio and advertising and the big-chested blond at the bar and I went off on a riff about how someday the notion of little 30 and 60 second chuncks of advertising would seem quaint. More to the point, how our business (radio networks) is dependent on the concept of “thirties and sixties.” We’ll sell you “x” 30’s (or 60’s) between 6a and 7pm for “x” dollars. We sell “units.”

A blog about advertising or radio or networks could do worse than We’ll have more on that, right after this from our sponsor.

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