Masthead Images

A list of masthead images used here at since we moved to Typepad. All photos by smays unless otherwide indicated:

Town Grill, Jefferson City, MO
Ecco Lounge, Jefferson City, MO
Sunrise Over Learfield, Jefferson City, MO (David Sprague)
Waffle House, Destin, FL
Missouri River, Rocheport, MO
KBOA, Kennett, MO (John Reeder)
Boogie Board Boy, Destin, FL
Sunset, Destin, FL
Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO (David Sprague)
Joe Browning, Memphis, TN (unknown)
Delta Fair Midway, Kennett, MO (Charlies Jolliff)
Delta Fair Midway, Kennett, MO (Charles Jolliff)
Stonebrook Acres Pond, Jefferson City, MO
Whistler, BC (Barb Miltenberger)
KBOA Studio A, Kennett, MO (John Reeder)
Church Attic, somewhere in Mississippi (Charlie Peck)
Parking Lot, Jefferson City, MO
Chili’s, Jefferson City, MO
Day Cruise, Destin, FL (Barb Miltenberger)
Lake somewhere near Kansas City (ML Towse)
Mt. McKinley, Alaska (Jeff Bassinson)
PR Technology Luncheon, January 10, 2006, Clayton, MO.
State Capitol, Madison, WI, Photo by Jackie Johnson, February, 2006.
Joe Browning, Church St., Kennett, MO (Photo by Trish Wareing)
Missouri River, South of Cooper’s Landing 5/28/06
Strip Club, Downtown Kansas City 10/21/06
Whiteout, Kim Lang’s back yard (in or near Omaha, NE – March 1, 2007)

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