Branches on the Perry family tree

The dozen or so boxes pulled from the attic of the old family home (and sitting in my basement for a number of years) yielded some genealogical treasures. Along with hundreds of photos (which I’ll link here), we found the obituary read at the funeral of my maternal grandfather, Claude C. Perry; and the clipping announcing the funeral of my maternal grandmother, Inus Perry. I post them here for future generations.

Update: The reason more people don’t put old family photos online is because it is a hell of a lot of work. Scan the images; run them through Photoshop to clean ’em up a bit; upload with captions…repeat. After a few hours of this you stat asking yourself, who’s gonna look at these after I’m gone? Well, we just don’t know the answer to that one, do we?

This most recent batch includes: Me feeding the chickens; mom and friends looking for all the world like movie stars; my dad getting shit-faced with some Navy buddies; another photo of my dad celebrating with Navy buddies; and my great-grandfather at 96. If I make it that long, my ears will be that large, too.

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