Mother Nature 7, Man 0

Barb and I took a long walk along the beach yesterday and, yes, I was the only one wearing jeans, shoes, socks, etc. Still a nice walk. I’m not sure where Destin and Sandestin start and stop or the names of beaches but I think the beach closest to our place is Miramar Beach.

Still a lot of trash to be picked up. Things like 40 foot pilings, concrete swimming pools and a few things a person could actually lift. The beach is pretty much gone in some places but looks okay in others. High surf (from Wilma?) the last few days seems to change the beach almost daily. I’ve never actually seen Gulf surf this high.

Once again, having the Casio in my hand made me see the beach a little differently than I used to. Sea shells and jelly fish; what a beach house should look like; what it should not look like (last shot, I promise).

While I couldn’t find the discipline to stay off line, I have enjoyed this long weekend. This is the time of year to come to the Gulf Coast. Jim says spring break is good too, but that’s more about co-ed’s than climate. Found a great bar (Theo’s) and made a new friend. Let’s make it Mother Nature 7, Man 3.

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