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For months now, I’ve been noodling around ideas for a podcast. We have several projects underway at work and the only way to really get a feel for what’s happening “in this space,” is to get your hands dirty, as it were.

The Living Healthy Podcast features Dr. Henry Domke, a family physician here in Jefferson City. He no longer takes patients because he has become something of a well-known nature photographer and digital artist. I’ve posted about Henry’s work here.

Anyway, he’s unique in that he might talk with a patient for 20-30 minutes before laying on a hand. It finally dawned on me that a weekly chat with Henry might make a pretty interesting podcast. I approached him with the idea…he loved it… and we posted the first show yesterday.

It’s a little rough because I’m a little rusty but it’ll come back to me. We plan to record these in his office each week and have them online by Saturday. Don’t save that URL yet because the official domain will be

And this probably means I won’t be doing the Brushes with Near Greatness every week (I know, I know).

This is a pretty good example of what Evan Williams was talking about in his “casual content creators” post. Nobody’s getting paid. Nobody’s trying to “monetize” the project. It’s a labor of love.

I spent a big chunk of the the past 20 years trying to persuade radio stations to “clear” assorted programs. Then some other folks would try to persuade advertisers that enough of the right people were listening to these programs. The concept of just producing a program and putting it “up/out there” for an audience to find and listen to (for free, for fun) is just very hard for us old radio guys to grasp. Stay tuned.


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