Why no computers in the grocery store?

Maybe I’m just not shopping at the right stores, but wouldn’t it make a lot of sense to have a couple of computers scattered around where you could search for items? You get a little “You are here” icon and a dotted line to the location of the item. They could offer suggestions. Looking for pasta? How about some garlic bread? You know they could sell enough ads on the thing to pay for the installation and upkeep. Why make us roam the aisles, looking for someone to help us? Hardware stores, video stores, every store. I can’t imagine why this isn’t being offered.

Equally hard to understand… have you noticed more businesses are having people stand beside the road, holding up signs? I saw a guy today in the middle of a busy 4-way intersection holding up a “50% off at K-Mart” sign. Is this really an effective advertising vehicle? And is this a coveted job or punishment for screwing up?

“I’m not gonna fire you, Mays, but I want you to take sign and go stand on the corner in the sweltering heat for the next couple of days.”

I have to confess I broke my #1 Rule (Never leave home without your camera) so I don’t have photos of this phenomenon. I’ll update in a day or two. If you’ve ever done this job…or sent some poor schmuck out to do this job, please enlighten me.