Former radio guy piles on

Jerry Del Colliano is a onetime DJ and program director and now a professor of music industry and recording arts at the University of Southern California (seems like I’ve seen his name in and around radio for years). In a piece on the audio|video Revolution website he asks: Is Satellite Radio Becoming Terrestrial Radio (And Does It Matter?)

So, as the Summer of 2005 draws to an end, here is the New World Order of Radio. Terrestrial Radio is on the skids – an imitation of itself, choked by the debt owners carry in a world that offers new options to new kinds of listeners. Void of leaders who understand the next generation.

Okay, this is not the radio bright spot I was looking for.

Correction: Jerry Del Colliano Sr. is the radio guy. Jerry Del Colliano Jr. is the publisher of Audio Video Revolution and the author of the article referenced above.