Terrestrial radio still #1

Paragon Media has released the third and final part of its study on new media’s effects on radio. The company collected 400 respondents between the ages of 15 and 64 to complete the study about new media usage and its effect on broadcast radio listening. In the study, Paragon focused on new media including satellite radio, internet radio, MP3 players, podcasting and personalized CDs.

The latest findings show that terrestrial radio is the #1 source for listening to music. When asked “What is your primary source for listening to music?,” 51 percent of respondents said radio. Purchased CDs were next with 30 percent of the vote, and radio also beat out television, personalized CDs, music downloads, satellite radio and Internet radio.

Need more proof? The National Association of Broadcasters cites two additional studies in a recent newsletter:

Michigan State University found that few are giving up their traditional radio habits. Seventy-nine percent of respondents said they’ve spent as much or more time listening to local radio compared to last year. And, 95% expect to listen as much or more local radio in the coming year. A whopping 88% think their local station provides valuable service to community. And half of those surveyed with satellite radio reported reception problems while driving.

Eastlan study found more than four out of five Americans have no interest in subscribing to satellite radio. The findings were nearly identical to a 2001 Eastlan study. Only five percent of Eastlan study respondents were satellite radio subscribers.

Okay everybody… go back inside. The excitement’s over, nothing to see here. Let’s get back to work.

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