Link clean-up complete. Sort of.

I just finished checking every post from February, 2002…through July, 2005. My goal was to find and fix any broken link to an earlier post or website I controlled. I found and fixed –or just deleted– a handful of links to other websites but there are just too many to repair them all.

One of the (many) features I like about Typepad is TypeLists. No more tweaking html (Blogger). I brought back my Favorite Posts list, and added one I labeled Great Lines. This goes back to one of the reasons I started blogging. I’d read or see a great line from a book or movie and forget it 10 minutes later. I started writing them down here. My list is far from complete but I’ll find them all eventually.

Typepad also offers the option of assigning each post to a category. I might try to go back and assign some posts to categories but that will have to wait for another day. But it’s a great feature I’ll use going forward.