Tracey on Jack/Bob.

If you don’t live in a city with a radio station that’s doing this format, you might not know about Jack. I gather the idea is to simulate the experience one gets when they load up their iPod with all of there favorite songs and put it on “shuffle” so the songs come up in a totally random order. While I haven’t heard a station doing the Jack format, I do enjoy listening to my favorite songs in this fasion. Where was I?

A Des Moines station recently (?) “flipped” to the Jack format –except they call it “Bob”– and Tracey Kelley writes a wonderfully snarky review (Bob Don’t Mean Jack). Tracey does not appear to hold out much hope for traditional radio. The “about Tracey” graf says she has been known to “give good phone and carry sunshine in a jar.” Disclosure: Tracey is the wife of co-worker Matt Kelley.

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