Like a pair of old, soft, faded Levi’s, is comfortable and familiar. It has been my online home for a long time and I can’t imagine changing it. The only domain that would even tempt me is Which belongs to Steven F. Mays, an attorney in Washington State. Steven F. offers few clues about himself or his practice. Well, I guess his phone and fax numbers are good “clues” but I’m thinking along more personal lines. For example, what are we to make of his single “Reader’s Recommendation?” The Trials of Lenny Bruce: The Fall and Rise of an American Icon.

I emailed Steven F. asking him if he would sell me his domain. I’m hoping Steven F.’s law practice is thriving and he doesn’t need my money. So my plea was ripped from the script of “Days of Our Lives.” Steven F. is a busy, successful lawyer with no time for web site. If he sells it to me, I’ve promised to care for it and give it loving, daily attention.

I know, it’s a long shot. My only hope is that he reads enough of my posts to get to know me and likes what I’ve done here at

PS for Steven F. — It appears you live in a suburb of Seattle. How about we get together for a drink while I’m in town for Gnomedex?

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