Heartbreak of the Sith

Cold and rainy afternoon in Seattle yesterday so I went to see the new Star Wars movie. Jesus wept. I kept imagining a conversation that might have taken place during the filming:

Scene: (Samuel L. Jackson’s trailer)

Samuel L. Jackson: Pssst! Jimmy! Get your ass in this trailer, man, we gotta talk!

Jimmy Smits: Hey, Samuel, what’s up?
SLJ: Have you read this script, man?! We gonna sound like assholes saying lines like these!
JS: Relax, George knows what he’s doing. There’ll be some cool special effects and shit and nobody will pay much attention to what we’re saying. It’s gonna be alright.
SLJ: Relax my ass! I’ve been in some Quentin Tarantino movies and my fans expect me to be real. An’ you had all them good David Milch, NYPD Blue scripts…
JS: You got a check right?
SLJ: Yeah, I got a check.

JS: So cash the check, turn down the sound, and watch the movie.

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