As the sun sinks slowly in the west.

We’re standing here on the upper deck, sailing away from Gnomedex 5.0, and tossing our lei into the digital ocean. If it floats back to Gnomedex, we will one day return. I’ve been attending assorted conferences (most of them broadcasting related) for 30 years and I have *never* been to one that I found more interesting…more relevant…more important. That might just be the geek wannabe in me but I don’t think so. A new Web is bubbling out of the magma and it’s molten mix of syndication/subscription and podcasting and personal media. And I believe it is becoming a digital tsunami. And the first waves have already started to come ashore here on Radio Island. And I think the waves will get bigger.

I wish I could tell you everything I heard or saw at Gnomedex and why I think it’s so important. But it’s like… like “trying to tell stranger about rock and roll.” If you’re really interested, all or most of the sessions will be online (audio for sure, maybe video). I urge you to listen. I’ll post links and assorted “after-thoughts” as they become available.

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