Radio advertising spending in decline

In an article on, Cody Willard steers investors away from big broadcast companies:

“… the tens of billions of dollars spent on radio advertising are in a steady, secular decline, and that’s not pretty for those companies that have depended on those models for revenue, nor for those companies that have depended on that outlet to deliver their message.”

I spotted one positive nugget in his piece:

“Regional radio is coming back and will find its niche again. But the days of big radio are over.”

I don’t know if Mr. Willard is right and I’m not sure what –if anything– this will mean for the company I work for. But I’m a “small radio” guy at heart and have no tears for the Big Broadcasters. Nor do they need any. They’ve made their millions and it’s safely tucked away in some off-shore tax haven.

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