Three years (minus two days)

On Thursday, I will have been “…writing some of this down” for three years. More than 1,000 thoughts, notes, links, rants, reviews and random ravings. I couldn’t have imagined sticking with it this long and I can’t imagine ever stopping. I’ll be 57 next month so I could easily have another 25 years of blogging ahead.

I tell new bloggers that the first 48 hours will tell the tale. If you’re gonna get the bug, you’ll get it within those first couple of days. And if you’re not hooked by then, it’s probably not for you. My friend Jeff hit the Blog Road running and never looked back. Chuck is amped by the business possibilities. David fought it as long as he could. And XM Ben is still in pre-launch mode.

Not everybody I know is blogging. Just some of the more interesting people I know.

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