If someone made a movie of your life…

…would you pay to see it? This is probably a very old concept but I hadn’t heard it before someone mentioned it last night at dinner. It’s just the sort of navel-gazing question that’s sure to haunt me. But I think it might be a trick question. When they make the movie of Scott Peterson’s life (and they will), it’s likely to be pretty interesting but I’m not sure Scott will want to see it. I wonder if the question is asked to validate a lot of stupid, risky life-choices. Can you get a feature-length film out of the 3 minutes you’re robbing the convenience store at gunpoint? Can I find 90 minutes of good material in my life? Maybe if we do a documentary. Or a mockumentary. Working titles:

* My Life At General Motors
* Return from Voodoo Village
* Private Party Probe

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