45 degree plunge

Barb and sister Jan are in Destin for a week. Checking on the house and hoping for some warm weather. Doesn’t look good. Technorati search took us to Cliff’s Travels 2005 who reports a 45 degree plunge over night:

“The temperature when I got here was 73 degrees. This morning it had plunged to 28. No hike on the beach this morning. I am off to the west looking for warm and sunshine.”

Didn’t spend enough time on Cliff’s blog to get to know him but his “About Me” sounded interesting:

“At 64 I am ready for the game to begin. This winter I will tour by pickup truck, bike and foot for six weeks. Then I will bicycle 3000 or so miles before summer. After that?????”

I like your attitude, Cliff. Let the games begin!

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