The Trio Channel

Last night I discovered Trio (pop, culture, tv). I’m prone to endless channel surfing so I don’t know how I’ve missed this but I happend upon “Parking Lot.”

Spawned by the classic 1980s underground film “Heavy Metal Parking Lot,” Trio travels to the parking lots and convention grounds of America’s favorite pop culture events to hear fans express their devotion. And they never show any of the performances. Just fans in the parking lot, before and after. Very wierd.

I’m going to try to catch some of Trio’s “Dysfunctional Family Thanksgiving” marathon, including:

Almost Elvis takes you into the world of Elvis impersonators. Their daily trials and tribulations and a pilgrimage to Memphis for the “Elvis Impersonator World Championships.”

The Devil’s Playground follows a group of Amish teens in their Rumspringa period as they venture into the world of their ‘English’ peers.

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