A9 is A-1.

I haven’t needed to save browser “Favorites” or “Bookmarks” much since Google came along. But I have a few. And a few more on my Thinkpad. And a few more on my home PC. And it’s too much trouble to try to keep them all sync’d up. But a new service from Amazon has made the problem go away. It’s called A9 (I have no idea) and it’s pretty slick.

“A9.com is a search engine, using web search and image search results enhanced by Google, movies results from IMDb, and more. A9.com remembers your information so you dont have to. You can keep your own notes about any web page and search them; it is a new way to store and organize your bookmarks.” [More]

Any links I save in the future will be on my A9 page. My thumb is up on A9.

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