DSL Death March

I can’t decide if it was really great customer service or really poor customer service. 10 days ago thunderstorm/lightening knocked out voice/net access. Four or five days later, Sprint got the voice up but no DSL. They told me a tech would arrive today between 10:30 and 12:30. After a couple of calls he got there at 1:00 p.m. Nice kid but admitted right up front that he didn’t know much about “this computer stuff” and called in the DSL guy. Five hours later, the DSL guy admitts he’s stumped and call Monica (not her real name). Monica doesn’t even do tech support anymore more is really the only one for a hundred miles that knows how to trouble-shoot the Tough Ones. She was amazing. I lost track of how many IP addresses she could remember. She got me back online and made it look easy. After six hours. If DSL guy hadn’t known Monica and been willing to call her, I still would not have DSL. You could pull my fingernails out and I wouldn’t give you Monica’s name. She’s mine.

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