Clyde sells 40% of Learfield

That sound you just heard was a meteor the size of Nova Scotia missing the Earth by about 5 miles. Today at a company-wide meeting (webcast on our intranet), our president and CEO announced that he had sold 40% of the company to four of our senior managers. This after turning down a gazillion dollars from a Big National Media Company. Two of the four have been with our company 20 years and they’re all good, smart guys that I –for one– like working with and for. Had The Big Guy sold the farm, I’d be lugging a cardboard box of desk toys up to my room and wondering what I’d be doing tomorrow. Long-time readers have heard me gush about Learfield Communications and –after 20 years– I’m hardly objective. I finished off my tub of Kool Aide a long time ago. And anything can happen down the road but, for now, I’m more convinced than ever that I work for one of the best companies in America.

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