John Mays – WWII

John Mays joined the navy on May 28, 1943. He was discharged on March 9, 1946. He served as a radio operator on several ships that saw action in the Pacific (USS Mount McKinley; USS Appalachian; USS New Jersey; USS Iowa; USS War Hawk). He seldom spoke of his war experiences, but took part in several invasions and was aboard ships that came under attack.

The Japanese surrendered on August 15, 1945. My mom was in St. Louis for New Year’s Eve, and the new year must have looked a lot brighter. She’s three chairs in on the right side of the table. Little hat with veil.

Evelyn Perry (Hotel Jefferson) - 600

2 thoughts on “John Mays – WWII

  1. My Dad served aboard the USS Appalachian under Admiral Conolly. He lives in Florida and is very interested in communicating with fellow sailors that were aboard the USS Applachian during WWII.
    He doesn’t have a computer, but I will forward an address or phone number to him if you are willing for him to get in touch with you via ‘snail’ mail or telephone. Thank you so much for your response. If you know of others who also served aboard the USS Appalachian that would like to get in touch with my Dad, that would be wonderful for him. (He is still a sailor at heart. He is 83, and is currently building a sailboat. I wish I was as active and as in good shape/health as my Dad.)
    Thanks again for your response.
    E. Barrales (Valdosta, Georgia)

  2. This is so strange, I tripped over this site looking for info on my grandfather’s war experience. His name was Bill Mays, he was in the airforce, he was a radio operator too. He was also on a ship that was torpedoed. But he’s from Scotland, not a Canadian like me. Have you had much luck with this type of website generating legitimate comments? Thanks in advance for a reply.~aly

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