Fast Lane.

Two years ago I signed up for ADSL service with a local ISP. 512Kbps down/128Kbps up…for $50 a month. Yesterday I switched to Sprint and now have 1.5Mbps down/256Kbps up…for $60 month. I was really dreading the switch but it went smoothly. And the Sprint reps were amazing. My initial contact (“Dave”) called frequently with updates and early this morning to be sure everything was working properly. I ran into a little snag during set up and called Sprint tech support. “Rocky” was in North Carolina (not Pakistan). He spoke English and was very helpful. Had me going in 15 minutes.

I’m now surfing at twice the speed for just pennies a day more. Since the early modem days (300 baud!) I’ve dreamed of a fast connection. Oh, if I only had a T1 line! Imagine my surprise when I learned that my DSL line is the same speed as a T1. Next challenge: going wireless at home. To be continued.

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