Puppy-proof shoes

And sometimes you must improvise. All puppies love to chew and shoes are a favorite. I’ve modified a cheap pair of canvas loafers that I wear around Lucy. Masking tape covers the leather laces so she can’t get at them. More importantly, the soles are smooth. This makes it easier to hose off the dog shit. This is important because it’s no longer possible to simply avoid stepping in dog shit.

Our house sets on the corner of about three acres but we only use about one. But that’s still a lot of yard and woods. Even with two dogs shitting twice a day, you’d think it unlikely you’d step in a pile that often. I’m running about 20%. I know the dog shit is there and I make an effort to watch for and avoid it. But I keep stepping in it. As one that looks for –and finds– life’s lessons, this one is pretty obvious. If you want to live in a world with lovable Golden Retriever puppies, you must be prepared to step in dog shit and deal with it.

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