Bob London and the Rolling Trolls

Bob London (Key West)I got the impression Bob London is not his real name. He did sound British and mentioned that he was heading back to London soon. In mid-February (2004) he was performing on a street corner in Key West. Duvall Street was jammed and his plastic bucket was filling up with bills. Bob’s shtick seemed to be “One Man Band.”

He has an assortment of instruments and…stuff, strapped to his back. He plays the drum (and rotates the Troll Dolls) with a cord that attaches to one shoe. He’s got a harmonica, pipes, some kind of kazoo instrument. It’s one of those “you have to see it” things. I bought one of his CD’s and hope he doesn’t mind if I share one his songs (AUDIO: All Along the Watchtower mp3).

2 thoughts on “Bob London and the Rolling Trolls

  1. I have been a taxi driver in the city of Madison off and on for about18 years and this job has allowed me to meet thousands of people and many street musicians and traveling folks. I have recently been gifted with the presence of this wonderful human being around my world, although I have never seen him street perform (I did enjoy a show when he was guest at my home, which was a joy in my life I will never forget.) All I can say is this is one of the the most gifted humans I’ve met in quite some time. If you have a chance to see him and are lucky enough to sit and have a pint of ale with him (or 5) he will entertain you and many others ’til the wee hours of the dawn… A wonderfull human and a true artist…. K aka Pinhead

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