The Hanged Man’s Song

Counting the days till John Sandford‘s next novel (Kidd, not Lucas Davenport), due in November (for which I am thankful). From Amazon:

“In The Hanged Man’s Song, a super-hacker friend of Kidd’s named Bobby suddenly disappears from cyberspace, and Kidd knows that isn’t a good sign. Going over to his house, he finds him dead on the floor, his head bashed in and his laptop missing  and Kidd knows that really isn’t a good sign. The secrets on that laptop are potent enough to hang Kidd and everybody else in Bobby’s circle  just to start with  so there’s no question that Kidd and LuEllen have to try to track it down, not to mention that Kidd would dearly love to get his hands on the man who killed Bobby. “

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