Laptop News Gathering System.

ABC News and the BBC have licensed new technology that will enable journalists covering Iraq can easily send back broadcast-quality video back home via the Internet or satellite phones. It compresses video files at high bit rates to achieve broadcast-quality playback. Full story on CNET

Radio Influenced by the Internet. CBS MarketWatch’s Internet Daily newsletter did an interesting story about a new service for radio stations, which tracks music files being transferred across the Internet via peer-to-peer networking services like Kazaa and Gnutella. It’s designed to help radio stations know which songs are most popular among online-music fans — thus, it could influence what you hear on music radio — and be an early warning system to identify new artists who are building up strong followings.

Journalists With Photo Phones. The CBBC Newsround kids TV news show sent a reporter equipped with a photo phone to the Brits music awards ceremony. Here are the results. The BBC is definitely a trend leader here in adopting the latest technology for journalism purposes.

Found the items above at ; E-Media Tidbits ; and Online Journalism Review .

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